Everything you need to know about Direct Injection

Ecommerce businesses today demand faster and cheaper delivery that is also trackable.

In response, the logistics industry introduced a supply chain model that can match those demands: Direct Injection.

What is Direct Injection?

Direct Injection is a supply chain model where goods going to the same country are grouped together, flown to the destination country, and then delivered directly to the end-customers by a domestic carrier after clearing customs.

What are the benefits of Direct Injection?

Fast – Direct Injection offers faster delivery than postal services since goods are typically flown to the destination country on direct flights.

Direct Injection also allows the pick & pack process to be handled in the country of production, which is much cheaper, particularly in Asia.

Affordable – Direct Injection offers competitive rates because the model is based on grouping various ecommerce businesses’ goods going to the same country together to lower the overall per kilogram shipping rate (in logistics, the larger the volume, the lower the shipping rate).

Is Direct Injection trackable?

Direct Injection is completely trackable. However, since different portions of the delivery process are handled by different carriers, each carrier provides the tracking details of the relevant portion only.

For the first portion of the delivery, tracking details are provided by the airline flying the goods to the destination country.

Once the goods are handed over to the domestic carriers, tracking details for last-mile delivery are provided by the domestic carriers themselves. Tracking details for this portion may occasionally experience delays, especially if handled by the local postal service.

Is Direct Injection available for every country?

Direct Injection is contingent on volume, so only countries with large volumes (countries with lots of goods flying in and out) can support this model.

Is there a minimum volume requirement to ship using Direct Injection?

No, there is no specific volume requirement (it is totally okay to ship only one package with Direct Injection).

Interested in finding out whether Direct Injection works for your business?

ZhenHub currently offers Direct Injection from China or Hong Kong to the following countries:

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